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 cybernetics, artificial intelligence, artificial life
BlueHorizon Offline

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01.06.2005 15:27
A determinate Machine antworten

Hi there

A determinate machine is defined as that which behaves in the same way as does a closed single-valued transformation. The justification is simply that the definition works— that it gives us what we want, and nowhere runs grossly counter to what we feel intuitively to be reasonable. The real justification does not consist of what is said in this section, but of what follows in the remainder of the book, and, perhaps, in further developments. It should be noticed that the definition refers to a way of behaving, not to a material thing. We are concerned in this book with those aspects of systems that are determinate—that follow regular and reproducible courses. It is the determinateness that we shall study, not the material substance. As a simple and typical example of a determinate machine, consider a heavy iron frame that contains a number of heavy beads joined to each other and to the frame by springs. If the circumstances are constant, and the beads are repeatedly forced to some defined position and then released, the beads’ movements will on each occasion be the same, i.e. follow the same path. The whole system, started at a given “state”, will thus repeatedly pass through the same succession of states.By a state of a system is meant any well-defined condition or property that can be recognised if it occurs again. Every system will naturally have many possible states.



The existence of truth only becomes an issue when another sort of truth is in question. (R.Rorty)

DunsScotus Offline

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01.06.2005 23:38
#2 RE:A determinate Machine antworten

hi blue,

in a first view, we call a maschine a maschine because it is determinate, or we call it a maschine because it is 'not life'. (Definitio fit per genus proximum et differentiam specificam) It is a composition of hierarchical organised frozen desicions.


more in a few days in german because when i must write english i must think english and thats disastrous for me. :-)

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